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[MM] Coralie Vincent by Bluespryte [MM] Coralie Vincent by Bluespryte
:tea: :iconmahou-majestea: :tea:

App art updated June 20th, 2016

:new: As of March 25th, 2016, Coralie is now a Royal Tea, and her outfit has been updated to match! :heart:

[ "Jack of all trades, master of none, but better than a master of one, right?" ]

█  G e n e r a l

:bulletblue: Name: Coralie Vincent

:bulletblue: Age: 16 years old

:bulletblue: Birthday: September 27th

:bulletblue: Sexuality: Panromantic, demisexual

:bulletblue: Height: 5'0 (~152 cm)

:bulletblue: Grade: 11th

█  L i k e s  &  D i s l i k e s

:bulletred: Blackberries, thank goodness
:bulletred: High-up places
:bulletred: Nighttime (bit of a night owl)
:bulletred: Working with clay, ceramic, etc
:bulletred: Sewing 

:bulletblack: Loud, overstated patterns
:bulletblack: High heels
:bulletblack: Garden gnomes
:bulletblack: Cashews
:bulletblack: Grape-flavored anything

█  P e r s o n a l i t y

+  Clever | Capable | Flexible | Leisurely | Observant | Personable | Ambitious | Calculating | Crafty | Flamboyant | Cocky | Secretive  -

To an outside observer, Coralie can be a bit difficult to get a read on. She keeps her casual smile on no matter what the situation, making it hard to know what she's really feeling. In all honesty, she's not usually faking that smile; she has a lot of assurance in her own ability to get around whatever's thrown at her (a bit too much, some would say), and that goes a long way towards keeping her upbeat.

Not that her confidence is necessarily unjustified; Coralie has a mind for strategizing and thinking her way through a situation, whether that's in a social situation, a test, or a battle. She's adaptable and responsive, and doesn't get worked up over much, which not only makes her easy to talk to but helps her keep a clear head in difficult situations. Despite her easygoing and friendly demeanor, though, sometimes she gives the sense that she's noticing more than you want her to. And she probably is.

While her perceptive nature is great for battles or helping a friend through a difficult time, she doesn't always use it for good. Coralie shoots high with her goals, and doesn't always object to stepping on a few people to get there. She's not outright manipulative most of the time, but if she has an agenda, she'll be as scheming as she has to be to fulfill it. Trusting her isn't always the best decision if you have something that she wants.

Her gregarious and witty disposition can go too far as well; given that she already has a propensity for acting, she frequently ventures into the territory of flashy theatrics. Leisurely as she may be, when she wants to show off or get something done, she certainly doesn't do it by halves. Yet even with all these extroverted tendencies, Coralie is remarkably close-lipped about her truly personal feelings and her past. It would take someone very close to get her to truly open up about herself.

█  B a c k g r o u n d

Coralie was born one city over from Hill Valley to a single mother, along with a twin brother named Cedric. Her mother never mentioned who their father was, and the twins have a silent mutual agreement between them not to ask - although Coralie has to admit she gets curious sometimes.
While no one could deny that Coralie and Cedric's mother loved them both very much, she had never anticipated that she would be having twins. The financial burden that was placed on the family led to a lot of time spent alone by the twins around their apartment or at the park while their mother worked - and although the pair always found ways to occupy their time, there's still a sense of something missing for Coralie when she looks back on her childhood. Still, her mother's hard work paid off, and through that and a bit of luck the three of them never had to go hungry. There were things they had to go without, of course, and the apartment wasn't the nicest, but they made do.

And at the very least, it helped Cedric and Coralie look forward to school, where there were so many people to meet and make friends with.

As Coralie and Cedric grew older, they each learned to deal with their less-than-stellar living environment in their own ways. By the time they reached upper elementary school, Cedric had decided that helping others was the best way to assure friends who would help you in return (unsurprising to Coralie, since Cedric had always had the sweeter disposition). Coralie's thought process, meanwhile, had gone in a similar but also very different direction and come to the conclusion that you could certainly get what you wanted from others without going to that much trouble yourself, if you pushed the right buttons. And that was the path she pretty much stuck with; she and Cedric have a long-standing inside joke that she's the evil twin and he's the good twin.

While she was a regular little manipulator when she was younger, Coralie has since mellowed out a bit and keeps her sly antics limited to what she considers necessary. She had a few close calls going through middle school in which her philosophy almost lost her a few good friends, and it didn't take much of that to teach her to be more careful and considerate. She got decent grades, although nowhere near as good as Cedric's - a fact that always rubbed her a little bit the wrong way, but not enough to really bother her.

At the end of Coralie's first year of high school, an invitation came for her in the mail from some school a couple cities over called HF Academy. Normally she wouldn't have given it a second glance, since neither twin wanted to be separated from the other, but she hadn't missed the various offers coming in for Cedric from even better schools - schools that would get him much further in life than their half-bit public school. It took a few heated conversations, but eventually Coralie managed to convince Cedric that in the end, going to these separate good schools would be better for themselves and for their mother, and that they needed to lead independent lives eventually, anyway, and HF Academy was a good school too, didn't he want that for her?

Her deceptions didn't always have to be selfish ones.

Before long she sat in front of a panel of HF Academy teachers, listening to then talk about how magic was real, and there was evil in the world, and she could help fight it. This came as a bit of a surprise to her, of course, but...well, she believed them, at least. And the pull of being provided for completely free was certainly tempting. 

She's acclimated well so far to the magical environment of the school and enjoys the combat training - regular classes not so much, though. She, Cedric, and their mother write and call each other frequently.

((im s o sorry for the wall of text wowie //sweats))

█  T r i v i a

:bulletpink: Shes an awful singer. Honestly terrible. She does it anyway.

:bulletpink: She can only make pasta, but she can make pasta really, really well.

:bulletpink: She's in the journalism club, where she at least has an excuse for being nosy.

:bulletpink: She may not especially enjoy classes, but she keeps up good grades anyway.

:bulletpink: She has unusually good hearing.

:bulletpink: She really enjoys hands-on crafts like sewing and sculpting, and can often be found around the fine arts buildings working on something or other.

█  M a g i c a l  I n f o r m a t i o n

:bulletred: Tea Type: Blackberry Tea

:bulletred: Tea Spirit: Coralie's tea spirit, which she named Nikola Tesla Jr. without a second thought, shares its Handmaiden's laid-back nature and sense of humor. Nikola Tesla Jr., generally called Nik for short, tends to drift around with Coralie and mind its own business, occasionally throwing wisecracks into conversations when the mood strikes it. It doesn't mind its name at all, and thought Nikola Tesla was a pretty cool guy once Coralie explained who he was.

:bulletred: Weapon: Floating darts
A set of seven deadly-sharp, thornlike darts about a handspan long that circle and float around Coralie in battle and go where she directs them. When channeling magic, they glow a dark purple-red color.
    :bulletred: Classification: Ranged
Stat Type: Attack (summoning her darts grants Coralie her full Magic stat without needing to transform.)
    :bulletred: Weapon-Specific Abilities: Multi-Hit, technically speaking. If Coralie had any stats in Strength, she could hit up to seven targets at once (albeit weakly, since the damage is divided equally; even with 30 Strength she would only be able to do about 4 damage to each target if she used all seven darts). But she's more magic-focused, so the ability is irrelevant.

:bulletred:  Powers  :bulletred:

Coralie's magic is mostly dependent on the use of her darts, which help to channel and control her raw magical energy. Her magic smells like blackberries, incidentally.

Physical: She can simply send the darts sailing into the target to impale and slice at it, then summon them back.

Magical:  The darts can also function like a magical focus, channeling magical direction from Coralie to produce various effects and attacks. Coralie's magic attacks most often take the form of dark purple light that, using her darts, she can direct at will. When Coralie wants to give an ally a boost, she can send her darts floating in a circle around them; when the darts start to glow, they heal up the wounds of the teammate in question.

:tea:   Stats   :tea:

HP: 500 /500

Strength: 0 /0
Magic: 50 /50 [+2]
Fortitude: 20 /20
Resistance: 20 /20 [+5]
Agility: 30 /30

Total Stats: 100

:tea:   Moves   :tea:

:bulletred: Heal Lvl 3: (D50 + Magic) Basic healing magic to recover health of yourself or a teammate. 

:bulletred: Scald Lvl 3: (D35 + Magic, 40 Burn damage) An attack that damages the target, then has a chance of extra damage from a burn. After your main roll, roll a D20; if you get a 15 or higher, you will do the extra amount of damage indicated by the move's level.

:bulletred: Shield Bash Lvl 2: (D25 + Fortitude, -30 HP) An attack based off your Fortitude, actual shield not necessarily required.  Recoil damage cannot be negated with your fortitude.

:bulletred: Refresh: Removes one Status Ailment from one team member or yourself.

:bulletred: Shield Lvl 3: (35 + Half Magic) You cast shield around a target, giving them a flat fortitude bonus for the next turn.

:star: Party Heal: (D30 + Half Magic) Heals party in correspondence with your Heal skill Lvl. Each person gets the full heal amount, no dividing.

:tea:  RANK: N/A

:tea:  Items  :tea:

:bulletgreen: Sea Droplet (Equipped)
:bulletgreen: Lucky Charm (Equipped)
:bulletgreen: Holy Talisman [+3 Resistance] (Equipped)
:bulletgreen: Kaleidoscopic Icicle [+2 Resistance, +1 Magic] (Equipped)
:bulletgreen: Heart Charm [+1 Magic] (Equipped)

:bulletgreen: Valor Pin [+1 Strength]
:bulletgreen: Phantasmal Blades [+5 Strength, +3 Armor Piercing on all physical offensive moves]
:bulletgreen: Sword Charm [+2 Strength]
:bulletgreen: Mini Firework Sparklers
:bulletgreen: 15% Off Coupon
:bulletgreen: 50% Off Coupon (one item)
:bulletgreen: Harvest Charm [+3 Magic]
:bulletgreen: Sports Charm [+3 Strength]

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